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Welcome to All Asian Cookbook Online Recipes, your source of free recipes in the internet. All Asian Cookbook specializes in oriental dishes recipes, ranging from an everyday soup to special delicacy recipes, and is delighted to share with you the various cooking methods use in preparing Asian delicacies.

Cooking is not an easy task. But no worry, cooking a delicious and healthy meal in a busy day is a mission possible. Various cooking recipes featured in this free online cookbook required less than 10 minutes of preparation time. Yes, it is that fast and simple. Simply look for a cookbook recipe indicated with fast.

Pamper yourself with the collection of wide selection of recipes, without hassle, and at the comfort of your own kitchen. Experiment a new dish, or cook an unique cookbook food which has never been offered in your local restaurants and surprised your families and friends. Perhaps you may also found an Asian delicacies which you savored in your earlier vacation travel, and is dying to know the recipes and cooking how to here. 

Thanksgiving Day Recipes - NEW - The Innovative Asian Style

Looking for new and exciting, splendid Thanksgiving dinner ideas this year? Why not do it the Asian way. Make this year Thanksgiving a special and memorable year for your friends and family. If it is too much risk to take, perhaps just give the side dish a twist of Asian flavor. Do pick up recipes for side dish in this free online cookbook recipes. Imaging giving your salad an Asian dressing sauce, or replacing baked corn with a Chinese cooking Stir-Fry Corn for a change. Be bold and adventurous in this Thanksgiving meal. Happy holidays.Thai Style Unripe Papaya Salad

1) Stir Fried Bell Pepper and Chili Beef Recipe

2) Shredded Cabbage and Carrots Recipe

3) Thai Style Unripe Papaya Salad Recipe

4) Thai Style Crunchy Fried Corn Cakes Recipe





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